Whats wrong with   my chickens feet

A chickens feet are important.

Identifying foot problems

A chicken with foot problems may:
Be stood still.
Balancing itself with its wings.
Limping or hopping.
Unable to perch.
Swaying while stood still.
Pecking at its foot or pulling at its own toes.
Have hot, swollen joints or inflammation.

Common foot problems.

Bumblefoot shows as a hard lump in the foot with a brown scab on the base of the foot.


Scaly leg mites.

Scaly leg mites shows as raised discoloured scales on the legs.


Injuries require differing amounts of treatment depending on how bad they are. Keep clean, cover and isolate till healed.

Dung balls on chickens toes.

These dung or mud balls on chickens toes are formed when the birds move between wet and dry environments and are built up in layers over time.


Frostbite can cause missing toes but usually no long term problems.

Mycoplasma Synoviae

Mycoplasma Synoviae is a leading cause of swelling in chickens feet and requires antibiotics to treat.

Spurs and toe nails

Spurs and toe nails might need trimming.